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Cannavis Syrup Chocolate – 100mg (CVS-014)


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Who doesn’t like Cherry? Our second top seller is a genuine American favorite that mixes well with any soft drink, even your favorite cocktail. Perfect for both medical patients and recreational customers, our Cherry Cannavis Syrup™ is a guaranteed seller. Cannavis Syrup is an extremely versatile product that is effective in potency and a healthy alternative to other infused cannabis choices on the market. Made with premium distillate and isolate, our THC & CBD syrups are hand crafted with a perfect blend of cannabinoids and flavor. Cannavis Syrup is sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and lab tested. All of our infused Cannavis Syrup is made handcrafted, small batched and is fully activated to perfection. We use only the finest distillate in our Cannavis Syrup. Enjoy it mixed in with your favorite beverage, add to your favorite dessert or simply enjoy as is.